Game Description

Build your own fully functional robotic vehicles and use them to slide, crawl, roll and fly your way through a large interconnected puzzle-world.

Collect components such as wheels and rockets and join them together - change the setup at any time during play to solve the puzzles at hand.

Infiltrate the mysterious factories of the Mobiloid Corporation. Level design is Metroid-inspired, ie. folded on itself and progression made by exploration and power-up.

Current status

Released on Desura
Released on IndieCity
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Release 2012-10-26 on Playism
Platforms: Windows PC

Mobiloid was nominated for Nordic Game Indie Sensation 2011.
Mobiloid has received funding from Nordic Game Program
Mobiloid has received funding from The Danish Film Institute


"Mobiloid plays like the best parts of Metroid and Q.U.B.E. blended to perfection"
- John Bardinelli, JayIsGames

8.8 / 10 user rating on Desura

4.5 / 5 user rating on IndieCity

Company info

Mobiloid is made by indie developer Montygames based in Copenhagen.
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The title tune is "Steam-Stream" by Troelz Schmidt.